Pro Align Tools is an add-on designed to enhance the alignment process of multiple objects within the 3D viewport. It offers flexible alignment options by utilizing the geometric relationships between objects.

Key Features:

  • Align Multiple Objects: Enables the alignment of numerous objects simultaneously, streamlining the workflow.
  • Shortcut Access: The tool can be quickly accessed using the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + A, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Quick Alignment Shortcuts: Utilize the Return or Enter keys for faster alignment actions.
  • Auto-Alignment: Automatically selects a preset combination of origin points, projection plane, and plane depth for quick alignment with a single click.
  • Global Coordinate Alignment: Simplifies the alignment process in global coordinates, particularly beneficial for architectural visualization (ArchViz) and motion graphics (MoGraph) projects.
  • Interactive Projection Plane Placement: Allows users to hold, drag, and release the mouse to set a projection plane at a specific offset distance along its normal.
  • Precise Offset Distance Entry: Users can type an exact offset distance, with units, to adjust the projection plane along its normal accurately.
  • Real-Time Preview: Offers a live preview of object alignment, allowing for adjustments in real-time as users navigate, select, move, rotate, and scale objects.
  • Comprehensive Gizmo Support: Features alignment gizmos that combine three axes for easy selection of the alignment side and base point.
  • Versatile Reference Points: Provides a variety of base points for gizmos to suit different alignment requirements based on the selected objects and desired plane placement.
  • Customizable Projection Plane and Origin: Enables selection of any projection plane and origin point for detailed alignment control.
  • Orientation Options: Supports alignment in multiple orientations, including global, local, view, and custom, for versatile alignment scenarios.
  • Geometry-Based Plane Selection: Allows for the selection of a projection plane directly from mesh geometry, offering precise alignment capabilities.