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Generative AI movie studio

, PALLAIDIUM is a generative AI movie studio integrated into the Blender video editor. It allows users to generate videos, images, and audio from text prompts or media strips directly within Blender.

Bolt Gen Bolt Gen

Create bolt patterns on hard surface models

, Bolt Gen is designed to streamline the process of creating complex bolt patterns on hard surface models, significantly reducing the time and effort required.

Ice Cube Ice Cube

Rigging tools

, Ice Cube is a Minecraft rig offering flexibility and a range of features for creating detailed animations and models.

Electrify Electrify

Lightning effects

, Electrify is a tool designed to generate customizable lightning effects in Blender. This flexible, animatable, and procedural system allows any type of electrical object to come to life with just one click.

Procedural Customizable Muzzleflash Procedural Customizable Muzzleflash

Create realistic muzzleflashes

, Procedural Customizable Muzzleflash is designed to create realistic muzzleflashes for animations.

PolyBlocker PolyBlocker

Modeling tools

, PolyBlocker is an add-on for Blender that enhances the add mesh menu, introduces a cap tool, and provides a quick mirror feature.

Easyaudio Easyaudio

Integrate the Freesound database into Blender

, Easyaudio simplifies the workflow for adding sound to animations by allowing Blender to connect directly to the Freesound database. This integration provides access to over 600,000 royalty-free sound effects, music, and ambient noise, streamlining the process of incorporating audio into renders.

Quick Menu Quick Menu

Productivity tools

, Quick Menu is a productivity add-on for Blender aimed to simplify access to useful operators and add missing functionality.

Tidy Monkey Tidy Monkey

Game development tools

, Tidy Monkey is a productivity add-on designed for Blender artists and game developers to enhance their workflow efficiency.

Enable / Disable In Render Enable / Disable In Render

Render tools

, Enable & Disable in Render is an add-on that streamlines the process of animating render visibility for entire collections.