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Shot Manager Shot Manager

Render management & shot design

, Shot Manager is a Blender add-on designed to enhance render management and shot design by saving frame ranges, render cameras, view layers, and output paths. Ideal for splitting a single timeline animation for game animation and multi-cam rendering setups, it benefits pre-production and independent creators.

JD Rigging Tools JD Rigging Tools

Rigging tools

, JD Rigging Tools is a Blender Add-on created to assist in performing simple rigging actions more efficiently.

LiberTeeth3D LiberTeeth3D

Orthodontic appliances setup tools

, LiberTeeth3D is a Blender add-on designed for the orthodontic field, facilitating the setup of orthodontic appliances through a variety of tools.

Vera Camera Motion Vera Camera Motion

Real-life camera motions

, Vera Camera Motion is an add-on that specializes in adding real-life camera motions to Blender scenes. With 25 presets, the add-on aims to enhance the realism and dynamic aspects of various projects.

m3addon m3addon

Import & export m3 file format

, The m3addon is a Blender add-on for importing and exporting models in the .m3 format, which is utilized in Blizzard’s games, including StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm.

OpenCV Laboratory OpenCV Laboratory

OpenCV algorithms management

, OpenCV Laboratory (OCVL) is an add-on focused on facilitating the rapid prototyping and testing of computer vision algorithms.

Quick Decal Quick Decal

Modeling tools

, Quick Decal is an add-on that facilitates the application of decals to models using a controller empty. This method allows for the integration of decals without additional geometry, maintaining the original model’s integrity. Suitable for use with both EEVEE and Cycles rendering engines, Quick Decal supports multiple objects and materials,…

Plumber Plumber

Import Source 1 assets

, Plumber is an add-on for importing Source 1 engine maps, models, materials, and textures. It facilitates the importation of full maps from games like CS:GO, TF2, and CS:S into Blender, providing an accurate representation of materials, overlays, props, and lights.

Idea Gen Idea Gen

Idea generation helper

, Idea Gen is an idea generation helper, offering a convenient solution for generating and pairing random ideas directly within the Blender interface. The add-on is designed to aid users of any experience level in fostering ideas for sculpting or modeling.

Ryven Blender Add-on Ryven Blender Add-on

Integrate Ryven into Blender

, Ryven Blender Add-on integrates the Ryven node-based scripting environment into Blender, enhancing the software’s capabilities with additional node-based scripting possibilities.