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Clippy Clippy

Clipping tools

, Clippy is an add-on developed to improve the clipping options for professionals working in areas such as product design, 3D printing, advertising, and architectural visualization. By offering tighter, easily adjustable clipping values through presets, Clippy aims to alleviate the common issues that arise with the default clipping settings in Blender.


Computer generated architecture

, BCGA (Computer Generated Architecture for Blender) offers a procedural and iterative approach to generating architectural 3D models in Blender. The add-on utilizes a set of small Python functions, referred to as rules, to create detailed 3D models of buildings.

Sketch N’ Cage Sketch N’ Cage

Animation tools

, Sketch N’ Cage is an add-on that enhances mesh deformation and shape animation capabilities by utilizing Blender’s Grease Pencil. It allows users to convert sketches into “Cage Deform” objects, automatically creating shape keys ready for animation.

Blender Add-on for Exporting Nodes to SVG Blender Add-on for Exporting Nodes to SVG

Exporting nodes to SVG

, The Blender Add-on for Exporting Nodes to SVG is designed to enhance the documentation process by allowing users to convert their Node graphs into SVG files directly in Blender.

Road Generator Road Generator

Procedural road generator

, Road Generator is a procedural tool, designed to make the creation of roads easier and faster.

Geo Nodes Tree Generator Geo Nodes Tree Generator

Tree generator

, Geo Nodes Tree Generator is an add-on designed to simplify the creation of tree assets using Geometry Nodes. It is a user-friendly tool for artists and designers looking to quickly populate scenes with trees for concept art, exploration, or as a foundation for more detailed creations.

Polyhedral splines Polyhedral splines

Convert quad-dominant meshes into B-spline patches

, Polyhedral Splines is an add-on that converts quad-dominant meshes into B-spline patches. It enables artists to edit spline surfaces in real-time, leveraging Blender’s existing polyhedral modeling capabilities.

Voice Generator Voice Generator


, Voice Generator is an add-on that brings text-to-speech capabilities directly into Blender’s Video Editing workspace. By leveraging advanced MeloTTS technology, it transforms written text into natural-sounding speech in a variety of languages and accents.

Script To Button Script To Button

Convert scripts into buttons

, Script To Button is an add-on that provides the functionality to convert Blender scripts into buttons.

VI-Suite VI-Suite

Environmental analysis tools

, The VI-Suite is a set of environmental analysis tools with geospatial data applications. The add-on is designed primarily for the contextual and performative analysis of buildings.