Zigzag Extrude is an add-on specialized for generating jagged extrusion effects, ideal for creating piping, steps, and ribbed patterns. It is compatible with various mesh shapes, including tris, quads, and n-gons, and offers a range of customization options for the number of steps, depth, and thickness of the cuts.

Key Features:

  • Piping from Different Mesh Shapes: Create pipes using different mesh shapes, such as circular edges.
  • Step Control: Manipulate the number of steps in the extrusion for varied effects.
  • Beveling for Smoothness: Add bevels to the insides and corners of the extrusion for smoother outcomes.
  • Multiple Face Compatibility: Works on one or more selected faces, including tris, quads, and n-gons.
  • Customizable Extrusion Parameters: Control the depth and thickness of the cuts for a variety of effects.
  • Randomness in Step Thickness: Introduce some randomness to the step thickness for varied effects.
  • Tapering and Transformation: Taper, transform, or rotate the extrusion for bendable effects. Compatible with proportional editing tools.
  • Bevels on Steps: Add bevels to the steps for smoother, pipe-like shapes.
  • Extrusion Modes: Choose to extrude selected faces as a region or individually.
  • Path Deform Compatibility: Combine with Blender’s Path Deform modifier for intricate piping.

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