Zen Sets is a versatile add-on designed for creating, managing, and visualizing various group types in Blender, including native Vertex Groups, Face Maps, and custom Zen Sets Groups. These groups can be based on a range of elements such as Objects, Collections, and specific Mesh Element selections. The add-on offers the ability to save selections of Vertices, Edges, Faces, and Objects, enabling users to retrieve these selections at any time. Additionally, it provides visualization tools to display groups by color in both the Viewport and UV Editor.

Key features:

  • Group Creation and Management: Facilitates the creation and management of Vertex Groups, Face Maps, and custom Zen Sets Groups based on various selections.
  • Display System: Offers a system to visually represent each Group and Collection by distinct colors in the Viewport and UV Editor.
  • Multi Object Support: Ensures compatibility with multiple objects for all group types.
  • Import/Export Capabilities: Allows for the interchange of data between Vertex Groups, Face Maps, and Zen Sets Groups.
  • Sets and Parts Modes: Introduces two modes for Mesh Elements – Sets Mode, where each element can be part of multiple groups, and Parts Mode, where each element is exclusive to one group.
  • Workspace Tool: Enables swift toggling between Zen Sets Groups and simulates Zbrush Polygroups behavior for group selection and hiding in Parts Mode.
  • Auto Groups Operator: Automatically creates groups based on various criteria such as Type, Object Data, Materials, and more.
  • Additional Operators: Features a range of operators for tasks like creating objects from groups, assigning materials to groups, setting sculpt masks, and generating modifier masks from Vertex Groups.
  • Vertex Group Value Removal: Provides a tool to eliminate Vertex Group values within a specified range, particularly useful for removing vertices with a weight value of zero.
  • Collection Conversion: Allows for the conversion of Collections to Empty objects and vice versa, while maintaining the original hierarchy and object positions.
  • Selection Tools: Enables the selection of objects in a scene based on their association with Vertex Groups, Face Maps, or Modifiers.
  • Batch Rename: Offers tools for batch renaming Collections and Vertex Groups.
  • Zen Sets API: Comes with an API that permits mesh area coloring visible in the Viewport and UV Editor, complete with examples.
  • Support: Provides quick assistance through a dedicated Discord channel.

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