The Zen Bundle consolidates all Zen add-ons, offering a comprehensive toolkit for various functionalities in Blender.

Key Features:

  • Zen UV: Provides a system for efficient UV creation in Blender, designed by professionals and refined through real-world applications. This intuitive approach to UV mapping ensures a seamless experience.
  • Zen Sets: Specializes in creating, managing, and visualizing native Vertex Groups, Face Maps, and custom Zen Sets Groups. These groups are based on Objects, Collections, and Mesh Element selections, allowing for the saving and retrieval of Vertices, Edges, Faces, and Objects selections. Additionally, the feature offers modification and color-coded display of Groups in both the Viewport and UV Editor.
  • Zen BBQ: Simplifies the process of creating, adjusting, and visualizing Bevels. It offers a straightforward solution for enhancing models, especially when preparing geometry for Subdivision or Bevel modifiers.