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Promote your addon on

On are several ways to promote your addon. Below a few scenario’s for free and paid addons. These are just some of the scenerario’s and if you want to discuss other possibilities you can reach me using one of the social buttons below. Or you can use the contact form in this website

Free addons

In case you want to promote your free addon there are these options:

  • Let me know about your addon and ask if you want me to make an article about it.
  • Or I give you author rights on this WordPress website and you can make your own article.

Paid addons

  • In case you use Blender Market and Gumroad you could add me as affiliate and consider to provide me a voucher. This in case you want me to review the addon, write an article about it, and if applicabe make a video of your add-on. In case it’s a low priced add-on, a voucher code might not needed, but if it’s above the price-range of 10 dollar, I cannot afford to purchase all the addons I review. In that case I appreciate a voucher to lower the cost.
  • Mind that I will give an honest review because I don’t want to be involved in over the top marketing practises: I want my visitors to trust and keep the visitors happy.

How much does it cost?

No costs for free addons, but for paid addons I appreciate it when you setup an affiliate (see above). Just sent us a message on the Contact us page, or use one of the social buttons.