The Wonder Mesh Addon provides primitives with some adjustable parameters. In contrast to regular primitives, these parameters are continuously available in object mode. They are also animatable. On the other hand, you will loose modifications you do in Edit mode. So what can be a use case for the Wonder Mesh addon?

In this article I show you one of the use cases for Wonder Mesh. The video below is the easiest way to show you the benefits. But if you can’t watch the video, keep on reading.

What’s discussed in the video

  • You can find the Wonder Mesh primitives by pressing Shift + A.  After the primitive shows up, you see an operator on the left bottom. Once finished with the settings, you still can acces them in the Object Data tab.
  • Because the adjustable parameters are on Mesh-level, we don’t need to apply transformations. This means that we can use modifiers and Mesh level parameters at the same time.
  • Try a Wonder Mesh primitive with some modifiers in the modifier stack. For example use Cast, Simple Deform, Remesh > Blocks, bevel, and such. You can now adjust the parameters in the Object Data tab, and parameters in modifiers. Normally this is not possible without things like shape keys and the AnimAll addon.
  • Keep in mind that we need to apply transformations on regular meshes before doing other operations. With the Wonder Mesh addon this is not necessary. For example, try a regular cube and ad a bevel modifier. Then scale the cube on X-axis. Compare this now with a Wonder Mesh primitive. Adjust it’s parameters in the object data tab.

Where to download the Wonder Mesh addon?

I suggest you to visit the Wonder Mesh Addon on Blender Market. The reason for this is that you will see all the options available the developer offers. The addon is available for free, but you could consider to buy it.

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