Wiggle Bones

The Wiggle Bones addon is a very easy to use addon that allows us to add some physics to bones. You can assign some bones that jiggly wiggly effect. It is quite similar to the RigFlex addon, but this has some more options like Stretching, Gravity, Stiffness, Collisions, etc.

To say it diplomatic as possible, the addon is not only suitable for some parts of the female character. We can use like, like with the RigFlex addon, for tentacles, anime hair maybe, and everything that needs to lag.

How does the Wiggle Bones Addon work?

It is really simple. Make an armature (of more than 1 bone) and go in Pose Mode. Then in Pose Mode you select a bone you want to wiggle. Now, go in the properties panel > Bone Tab. There you scroll down until you see: “Wiggle Bone”. Check it on and adjust some settings. The default settings are pretty stiff I believe so you might want to turn settings down a bit.

Next is to animate the armature. I got it to work when animating the armature in object mode or in pose mode. You will want to animate the bones that doesn’t have the wiggle applied to. Last step, if you want, is to bake the wiggle bones. You can then edit the animation in Graph Editor if you need.

Where to download the Wiggle Bones Addon?

You can download the Wiggle Bones Addon on Blenderartists.org. Check the first post. At the moment of writing it is the version wiggle_bones1_4_3.py.

Installing the addon is also very easy. In Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. Navigate to the file you just downloaded and press Install. Then activate, save preferences and refresh.

Supporting Blender-addons.org

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