With the Welder Addon we can make a weld between two objects. A weld gives that little extra detail and makes your object more realistic. Because this addon is pretty simple we are not wasting time learning to work with it. I have a few tips though on how to adjust the weld once finished.

Presets of the Welder addon
The Welder addon offers five presets.

How the Welder Addon works

How the Welder Addon works, and some tips.

In case you don’t have access to the video or you prefer to read text, below what is discussed in the video.

First you select two objects, and then you press N to open the N-Panel. In the N-panel you see a tab called Welder. To make a weld between the two objects, follow the steps below;

  • Press one of the presets in the Welder addon (see image above). Then move your mouse horizontally to change the scale of the weld. Once satisfied, klik with the left mouse button.
  • Move you mouse horizontally again, and now you see you are adjusting the rotation. Once happy with it, click with the left mouse button.

Some Tips using the Welder Addon

You can also adjust the scale and the rotation of the weld afterwards. Rotation is easy but scaling can be a bit tricky.

To rotate the weld, select the weld and press R, X, X. Move your mouse to rotate the weld.

To scale the weld, select the weld an press S. You will see that there is now a gap, unless you scale it bigger and then there is overlapping. After scaling, look in the modifier stack for the array modifier. Adjust Repeat to fill up the gap.

Where to get the Welder Addon?

You can get Welder on Gumroad. The addon is free but you can name a price. And if you want to have to up-to-date information about the addon you can also check the Welder thread on Blenderartists.

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