Webcrafter is a 3D website builder designed for both 3D artists and web developers, offering a simple no-code workflow with instant react-three-fiber and vite export. It allows for the creation of a live website with a react-three-fiber codebase, ready to be edited and updated on Github, without the need to learn, debug, or fix a custom framework. The addon facilitates the easy prototyping and building of various 3D web experiences, from portfolios and product pages to virtual showrooms and video games, using open-source standards known and used by many WebGL experts.

Key Features:

  • Templates: Webcrafter includes built-in, open-source templates for various types of web experiences.
  • Interactable Meshes: Enable various interactions and animations for meshes, including opening links, displaying popups, and moving the camera.
  • Display Responsive Content: Ensure experiences work on any display resolution by grouping meshes with a camera.
  • Viewport GUI: Access a viewport GUI overlay for displaying helpful information such as group name and type.
  • Animations: Tag meshes with animations to respond to various triggers, enhancing the interactivity of the web experience.
  • Test Server: View changes instantly in a web browser with automatic browser refreshing for exported projects.
  • Hassle-Free Deployment: Deploy websites for free on Github and Vercel.com, or export and host elsewhere.
  • Camera Management: Easily place and move between camera waypoints in the scene.
  • Additional Tools: Includes a loading progress bar, HTML fallback page for devices that don’t support 3D, built-in debugging tool, and support for community templates.