Wear N’ Tear is a Blender add-on designed to add realistic wear and tear effects to 3D models. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, from creating detailed environments to adding character to objects.

Key Features:

  • High Poly and Low Poly Options: Offers both high poly (HP) and low poly (LP) versions for stylized or realistic edge damage.
  • Erosion Control: Users can erode models individually or in groups, processing entire structures like walls without needing to separate components.
  • Restoration Capability: Allows for the complete or partial restoration of models to their original state, supporting an iterative design process.
  • Mortar and Plaster Effects: (Pro version) Adds mortar between bricks or stones and covers models with plaster for additional texturing options.
  • Damage Control: Includes tools for cutting cracks, parts off, adding scratches, or even building the model first with Sketch N’ Carve CORE.
  • Simulation for Realistic Debris: Simulate parts to create realistic debris using Sketch N’ Simulate_SE for full damage control.
  • Versatile Texturing and Detailing: Adjust textures and details to achieve various looks by tweaking the sliders.
  • Version Options: Available in different versions including basic Wear N’ Tear, PRO (with mortar and plaster), Damage Control, and Full Damage Control for comprehensive modeling and texturing needs.