VSE Archiver is a Blender add-on designed for efficient backup and archiving of video projects. It automates the collection of all used footage into a structured folder, relinks media in a new blend file, and organizes the project into a streamlined backup folder ready for archiving or client sharing.

Key Features:

  • Automated Backup Creation: Generates backups by consolidating all used media into an organized folder structure.
  • Footage Collection: Gathers footage used in the project, including images, image sequences, videos, audio, and fonts, from VSE strips or blend data.
  • Clean Folder Structure: Organizes footage into a clean and structured folder system for easy management.
  • Project Size Reduction: Reduces project size by collecting only the footage that was actually used, eliminating unused material.
  • Flexible Archiving Options: Offers two modes for archiving footage:
    • Collect Sources: Copies original source files into the archive folder and relinks them.
    • Collect Snippets: Renders sequence strips and saves them in the Archive Folder, with options for mixed mode archiving.
  • Customizable Settings: Adjusts the archiving process to user preferences, including copying or rendering options.
  • Source File Efficiency: Ensures source files used in multiple sequencer strips are copied once, avoiding duplication.
  • Quality Preservation: Maintains footage quality by copying original files without the need for rendering.
  • Full Opacity during Render: Removes and reapplies alpha fades and keyframes for sequencer strips during rendering.
  • Update Sequence Data: Updates sequence information when sequences are added or removed, with a warning indicator for necessary updates.
  • Reset Sequence Data: Resets individual strip settings to default settings defined by type.