The VoxelDraw add-on is a very simple addon that will spawn small cubes at your mouse-cursor in Edit Mode. So it is not a sophisticated modelling tool but can be handy in some cases. With this addon you get one specific effect like tentacles existing out of cube. But you might see a way to use it differently. After brushing around a bit, you can also subdivide the mesh, remesh and sculpt. And that is what I like: quickly blocking a mesh. And after that you deform it (proceduraly) and then add details. Add-ons that let you quickly block out ideas are always welcome.

How does the VoxelDraw addon work?

Press Shift+A, M, S, O to add an Origin into the scene. That brings you directly in Edit Mode. Presss T to open the T-panel and at the bottom you will see: Draw Voxel. Select it, and when you left-click while dragging the mouse, the tool spawn cubes toward you, the viewer. And it goes pretty quick, so best is to stop after 2 seconds and change view.

There are also extra settings in the properties panel. On top of the Properties panel you see a tab Active Tool and Workspace Settings. There you find settings like: Voxel Size, Floor (YZ or XZ). Show Floor and other options which I don’t bother that much because I will Voxel remesh, smooth and sculpt anyway. (Settings for Merging, topology mirror and some more). Here are the extra Settings in the Properties Panel:

Settings VoxelDraw Add-on
Settings VoxelDraw

Ideas for further use of the generated mesh

I would voxel remesh the mesh, smooth it with a smooth modifier and sculpt it. Then if you enable the Tissue addon you can generate a vertext group based on curvature in Weight Paint mode. And the Tissue addon can convert it to Vertext Colors, so you can use an attribute node in the shader editor. That way you can make materials that have at least some relation to the mesh, curvature in this case.

Where to download the VoxelDraw Add-on?

You can download the addon on Blender artists in this thread. In case you like it, you might also be interested in the Blocker Addon.