The Vox Importer allows you to import models from Magicavoxel into Blender. Important here is the mesh optimization so you can use the model properly in Blender. This means no interior faces and no vertices in the same location. That way, you can use Booleans, Physics, and other operations in Blender. On top of that, the Vox Importer is very fast.

Initially, the importer is for Magicavoxel users who want their models imported into Blender. But it turns out that Magicavoxel is a nice tool to work with. In this video, I show you how refreshing Magicavoxel works:

Magicavoxel’s workflow is refreshing

Import your models fast

The Vox Importer for Blender lets you import .vox files made with Magicavoxel (A free, lightweight 8-bit voxel editor). It is the fastest Magicavoxel importer, supports materials, and optimizes the mesh. For example, the monu3.vox that comes with Magica loads in 3 seconds. Once imported, you can use all Blender features and render your models. 

The vox importer resulted from months of collaboration with CryptoCities, which used the importer as an in-house tool to create NFTs. 

Materials and Colors preserved

In the video, you see that the colors in Magica Voxel and Blender are the same after import. Also, the materials are preserved except for volumetric materials. For now, you can assign volumetric materials manually. One other limitation is that occasionally objects are displaced for nested objects. This doesn’t happen often. But when it happens, for now, you need to rotate or move the object to the proper place. 

Mesh Optimization

Unlike other importers, the Vox Importer does optimize the mesh. This means you now have one water-tight mesh instead of separate tiny voxels; vertices are merged with no interior faces. Such optimization is crucial if you want to use booleans, physics, and many other features of Blender. In other words, the mesh is optimized to use with Blender. 

Where to find the Vox Importer?

You can find the Vox Importer on Blender Market. Check out the product page for more details.