Visibility Set Filters – Your Pipeline Deserves Better Clarity

Visibility Set Filters is a Blender addon which aims to help the versioning during a production workflow.
It can be applied to any objects (geo, camera, lights, etc) or collections (think of filtering inheritance).
It is asset browser proof, which was the main purpose actually ^^.

The main idea behind these filters is to give the possibility to work on separate production types.
For instance, if you’re working on your storyboard, you would have a light scene, without a lot of details, so you can create a filter for that view, which I personally called “draft”.

If you’re an animator, you probably won’t be willing to deal with a high poly character nor complex environment, and so will use another filter, which I called “blockout” here.

It is completely up to you to create your own filter relevant to your production workflow.

The only advice is to use the same names shared between blender files so you can, once linked in a new blender file, easily switch between your filters.

Those filters were created with that pipeline in mind but could probably be used for other purposes, this is up to your imagination ;).

Collection Inheritance

The same filtering process can be done at a collection level, with usual inheritance rules.

Viewport3D vs Render

Selected filter for Viewport3D and Render are independent from each other.

Linked Assets

These filters will be accessible when linked into another blender file.
Note that you will have to use overrides if you need to change them from there.
That can be done by right clicking on an object in the outliner, then “ID Data > Make Library Override Hierarchy”.


These filters will work from any workspace and in the case of the VSE, depending on the “Scene Strip Display > Shading” setting, will use viewport3D or render setting.
Wireframe, Solid, Material Preview will use viewport3D filter setting.
Rendered will use the render filter setting.

OK, I’m hooked, where can I find this time saver?

You can find Visibility Set Filters on Gumroad & Blender Market.

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