Viewport Tools is an add-on designed to enhance the efficiency and ease of working within Blender’s viewport. It offers a suite of tools tailored to streamline various tasks, ensuring a smoother workflow, especially in complex scenes.

Key Features:

  • Addon Manager: Conveniently enable or disable add-ons. A refresh button is available for recognizing newly installed add-ons or when opening a file for the first time.
  • Colorful Selection: Assign specific colors to selected objects for better organization in large scenes. Requires setting the Color property to “Object” in the Viewport Shading menu.
  • Isolate Mesh: Focus on specific mesh areas, with the scene reverting to its original state when switching back to object mode.
  • Isolate Objects: In Object mode, isolate specific objects for a clearer view in intricate scenes.
  • Collection Outliner: Automatically expand the Outliner to display the selected object.
  • Hide Tool: Auto-hide specific objects like cameras and lights. The Unhide function restores the scene to its original visibility state.
  • Set View to Face Normal: Adjust the view to align with the face normal.
  • Set Scene as Default: Save the current scene configuration as the default, eliminating repetitive visibility adjustments.
  • Cursor to Selected: Instantly move the cursor to the selected object.
  • Organize Parent: Group a parent’s children in one location for better organization.