Vdb Loops

VDB Loops is a specialized tool designed to enhance the use of VDB sequences in Blender. VDB sequences offer a quick way to create visual effects, but they typically have a finite length. This can lead to a mismatch between the desired animation length and the VDB sequence duration. VDB Loops addresses this challenge by introducing a loop function for VDBs, ensuring that the visual effect seamlessly continues for the entire duration of an animation.

Key features:

  • Easy Access to VDB Gallery: Quickly browse through a diverse gallery of VDB sequences.
  • Categorized Sequences: All loopable VDB sequences are neatly categorized for easy selection.
  • Fit VDBs to Animation Length: Adjust the VDB sequences to match the length of any animation.
  • Integrated Shader: Both the shader and loop shader are accessible directly from the add-on panel.
  • Infinite VDB Sequences: Load VDB sequences swiftly and enjoy a smooth, natural transition between loops.
  • Efficient Workflow: Bypass the repetitive process of loading VDB files and setting up loops manually.
  • Included in the Pack: The pack provides a range of fundamental VDB sequences suitable for various applications, including Smoke, Fire, Clouds, and Fog. Additionally, sequences are available in both faster and slower time ranges.