UV Toolkit

The UV Toolkit addon provides an extensive set of tools for working in UV’s in Blender. In case you like the popular TexTools addon for manipulating UV, then this addon is a real paradise. I’ll show you the video first, but mind that there are handy pie-menus in this addon as well. Also, I want to highlight that this addon works with Blender 2.9 and that there is UDIM support.

UV Toolkit 2.0 for Blender 2.8 and higher

Were to get the UV Toolkit addon?

Yes, this time I start with download links first, in case you cannot wait or you don’t want to scroll to the bottom of this article. Here are the links;

For the latest updates I suggest you to visit the Blender Artists thread here. And here for the complete and up-to-date documentation.

The user interface of the UV Toolkit addon

In short, here some screenshots of the user interface. I start with the collapsed menu in the UV editor, then open the menu and finally the Pie menu’s.


Showing the collapsed menu of the Addon
The menu in the UV editor collapsed

UV sync – Tools – Transform – Unwrap

Shows a part of the menu
UV sync, Tools, Transform, Unwrap

Align – Arrange – Select – Display

Shows the second part of the menu of the UV Toolkit addon
Align , Arrange, Select, Display

Quick Presets – Cleanup – Help and Settings

Showing the Quick Presets, Cleanup, Help and Settings of the addon
Quick Presets, Cleanup, Help and Settings.

Pie Menu in the UV Editor

Showing the Pie menu in the UV editor in Blender
Pie Menu In UV editor

The Pie Menu in the 3D viewport

Showing the Pie menu in the 3D viewport
The Pie Menu in the 3D viewport

What they say about the UV Toolkit addon

I checked some comments to see how the blender community reacts, and that looks pretty good. Here some examples:

  • Wow! Really nice add-on. I just bought it. Now I can almost do exactly what I was able to do in 3ds max for UV’s. All I am missing now is a relax tool like in 3ds max and a the Pack Together tool also from 3dsmax. Do you have any plans on adding those functions to your add-on future updates? Keep up the amazing work 🙂
  • Hi, looking forward testing this add-on but is it confirmed working for 2.82 ? I can confirm it works for 2.9. Also that Pie menu editor is excellent.
  • Very nice addon and can this work simultaneously with textool addon? (Yes, works with the textool addon).
  • good job. It’s a nice add-on.
  • I like “Unwrap Selected” and “Quick Drag Island”.
  • Very good addon blender uv tools are non existent, your addon along side textools (not yet officially supported for 2.8) are god send for the community! Keep up the good work.
  • love this add-on, fantastic work Mephist0!
  • I am using UV tool kit and this pretty prefect for our work but we miss the texel density and uv padding option in this tool, so if you implement this feature then it would be great.
  • This is a great tool. The pie menu alone has become a super integral part of my UV workflow in blender.
  • The select faces -> unwrap -> hide selection workflow is really nice and reminds me of Modo, which IMO has the best UV tools of any 3D package.
  • Hi, it’s a great tool but the UV checker only works with objects that have only one material applied. Is there any way you can also make it work for objects that have multiple material slots ?