UEx enables seamless export from Blender to Unreal Engine in one click. The add-on ensures everything is exported correctly without scaling issues or import errors, simplifying the workflow for Blender users working with Unreal Engine.

Key features:

  • Accurate Exporting: Ensures 100% correct export with no scaling issues or import errors.
  • Batch Export: Allows batch exporting of multiple objects with automatic detection of asset types.
  • Efficient Asset Management: Each asset or animation is exported as a separate FBX file without data duplication, saving time and simplifying asset management.
  • Easy Updating and Importing: Assets can be updated and imported effortlessly by dragging and dropping into Unreal Engine, without needing to adjust any settings.
  • Flexible Naming Conventions: No need for specific collection names or asset naming conventions; export selected or visible objects directly.
  • Adjustable Origins: Easily adjust origins to object or world, including resetting mesh or armature locations.
  • Clipping Distance Adjuster: Instantly adjust clipping distances for all workspaces after changing Blender unit scale.
  • Animation Consistency: Ensures that animations look exactly the same after importing into Unreal Engine.
  • Collider Shapes, LODs, and Sockets Export: Automatically export corresponding collider shapes, LODs, and sockets with your models.
  • Selection Sets: Group objects into easy-to-access collections for more efficient exporting, eliminating the need to reselect objects before each export.

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