UEShaderScript is an add-on crafted to streamline the texturing process for 3D assets exported from Unreal Engine.

Key Features:

  • Bulk Texturing with One Click: Allows for the application of textures to all selected meshes.
  • Integration with UModel: Designed to work seamlessly with UModel, facilitating the texturing of assets exported from Unreal Engine.
  • Default Shader Map Presets for Dead By Daylight: Comes equipped with shader map presets specifically for Dead By Daylight, aiming to expand presets for additional games in the future.
  • Save Shader Maps and Load Image Textures Dynamically: Provides the functionality to save shader maps and dynamically load image textures to designated nodes.
  • Load Shader Maps and Image Textures Based on Props.txt: Enables the loading of shader maps and their respective image textures according to a props.txt file exported from UModel.
  • Preset Shader Maps for Easy Application: Features preset shader maps that can be easily applied to multiple materials or all materials on selected meshes.