TXA_ant is a textured version of the A.N.T. Landscape Blender add-on.

Key Features:

  • Landscape and Planet Creation: Enables the creation of landscapes and planets using different noise types.
  • Height and Normal Maps: Utilizes height and normal maps for landscape detailing.
  • Material Preview Mode: Supports setting the viewport shading to Material Preview mode.
  • Eroder Params Panel: Includes an Eroder Params panel in the TXA Landscape Sidebar tab.
  • Material Customization: Offers a range of materials for landscape creation.
  • Landscape Eroder Tool: Features a Landscape Eroder button for applying erosion effects.
  • Main Settings Panel: Provides settings for object and mesh size and texture resolution.
  • Noise Settings Panel: Offers settings for shaping the terrain using noise.
  • Displace Settings Panel: Contains settings for adjusting terrain height and edge falloff.