The TubeTool addon allows you to select two faces and generate a tube from one to the other face. You can do this with a few clicks what otherwise would take a lot of tweaking. Once done, you can convert the bevelled curve to mesh.

How to use the TubeTool addon.

  • Select a mesh you are working on and go in Edit mode.
  • Select to faces and click with the right-mouse button.
  • On top of the menu you will see Add Tubing, click that.
  • You see an operator (left-bottom in screen) where you can adjust parameters.
  • At the moment the “To Mesh” button doesn’t seem to work. Therefore a workaround is to go out of Edit Mode. Then select the tube and in the menu (top) go to Object > Convert to > Mesh from Curve.
TubeTool UI
TubeTool UI

The user-interface is self explanatory but again, I couldn’t get the “To Mesh” button to work. (see notes earlier). You can just go into Object mode if you don’t need the operator anymore. And if you are in Edit mode and by accident the operator disappears you can press F9 to get the operator back.

Where to download the TubeTool addon?

You can download the TubeTool on github. Click the green button and choose download. In Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install and there you can browse to the zip-file you just downloaded. So that is like most other Blender add-ons.

In combination with other Addons

A nice addon you can use on top of this is the PolySweeper addon. With the PolySweeper Addon you can make profiles along a U or V faceloop of the tube. Or ofcourse any other modeling tool like Mesh Tools or the Tissue Addon.

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