True Time Remapping

True Time Remapping is a Blender add-on that provides full control over playback and render speed. It supports multiple render engines, allows keyframe-able speed adjustments, and offers advanced features for handling motion blur and multi-scene setups.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Works in Eevee, Cycles, and Workbench render engines. Supports multi-scenes setups and File Outputs nodes in the Compositor.
  • Keyframe-able Modes: Two modes: change the whole Speed or set exact Frames.
  • Motion Blur: Keyframe-able Motion Blur Stretch slider. Compatible with the True Motion Blur add-on.
  • Interface Locations: Accessible from Render Properties, Top Menu, and 3D Viewport.
  • Type: Choose time-remapping mode from “Speed” or “Frames.”
  • Speed: Adjust the speed at each frame on the timeline.
  • Frame: Set specific frames to be played/rendered at certain timeline frames.
  • Motion Blur Stretch: Adjusts motion blur based on time remapping.
  • Update and Info Boxes: Recalculate info after keyframing.
  • Skip Frame Range: Crop the time-remapped frame range for playback/render.
  • Preview Mode: Preview the actual frame to be rendered at the current timeline position.
  • Render Options: Render time-remapped frames or animations, both for final render and OpenGL Viewport preview.
  • Show in Viewport: Toggle whether Viewport preview is shown during OpenGL Viewport render.