Tree-Gen is an add-on, enhancing the process of tree model generation by implementing an augmented version of a parametric approach. It includes numerous presets and the ability to fully customize the tree generation process through the add-on UI. Users can save and load their custom tree parameters, and the add-on provides various utilities for processing the generated models.

Key Features:

  • Tree Shape: Offers control over the tree shape by altering the first level branch length. It includes eight shape presets: Conical, Spherical, Hemispherical, Cylindrical, Tapered Cylindrical, Flame, Inverse Conical, and Tend Flame, in addition to a Custom option.
  • Branch Parameters: Includes extensive settings such as number, length, length variation, base size, distribution, taper, radius modifier, curve resolution, and more.
  • Leaf Parameters: Allows customization of leaf count, leaf shape, leaf scale, leaf width, and leaf bend.
  • GPL-3.0 License: The add-on is under the GPL-3.0 License, and models generated using the tool are free for use in any context, excluding direct sale as assets.

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