While the Transportation Addon is handy and easy to use, it’s more about the huge library of vehicles that comes with it. I got curious about this offer and I share you my experience. Before I come with tips, here a video where I investigate the addon and it’s library the first time.

The Size of the vehicle library

This is one of the reasons the Transportation Addon is interesting. The library is indeed big: The Pro version has 50 vehicles and the lite version 21 vehicles. So that is pretty interesting if the price and quality is also good which I discuss later. Now, there are not only vehicles in the package, but also HDRI’s and Backplates and you can manage these with the addon as well. The pro has 65 HDRI’s and the lite 29.

Update Version Version 2: Added a bunch of rigged cars. checTransportation on Blender Market
And to animate the car so that it detects the ground check: Rigacar on Github which is free.

The price of the Transportation Addon

At the moment of writing the pro version is $69 and the lite version is $39. I checked the average price of a 3D car and I think that is around $25. So, if each vehicle in this libray would cost £25 then the addon would be more than $1250. But that is not the case: this addon is not $1250 but $69. But wait…. what if the quality is bad, then it has no use. So let’s check that.

The Quality of the Assets

I showed it in the video already, but in short I will list it here with some additions:

  • Topology: Topology has a good balance between details and performance. I noticed the planes have a higher density and therefore take more RAM. Flow of topology looks good to me. Also inside the car: its not super detailed, but surely enough to make a render from outside the car. If you want more details for the interior, I suggest to have pbr materials with normals or bump.
  • RAM Usage: On average a vehicle takes up around 1GB.
  • Render Time: With 720p, GTX 1080 TI, 320 samples, 1 HDRI, 1 vehicle, 4 diffuse and 3 glossy bounces, caustics on, it takes around 20 minutes to render.
  • Shaders and Materials: In the addon you can easily change the color of the carpaint, so the albedo value is adjustable. Some other parts are to black and some to white, but the developer will have a fix for that in the next update. What you can do is simpy make the vehicle editable, and change it manually in the shader editor. If you want to have believable render, then you might want to add some smudges, grunge, wear, dust, etc to the material. I tried that out, and it makes your vehicle look very believable. If you do it well, people won’t see it that the vehicle is a 3D model.
  • Ease of use of the addon: You will understand the addon in a matter of 10 minutes. It’s very easy to use. (I love that, and makes actually use an addon frequently).

Where to get the Transportation Addon?

You can get the Transportation Addon on Blender Market.

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