Transmogrifier is a Blender add-on designed for the non-destructive batch conversion of 3D files and associated textures into a variety of other formats.

Key features:

  • User Interface: Offers a toggle between simple and advanced user interfaces.
  • Workflow: Enables the creation of custom presets, known as “Workflows,” for efficient management of conversion scenarios. These workflows are saved as operator presets within the Blender preferences directory.
  • 3D Formats: Supports a wide range of formats including FBX, OBJ, glTF/GLB, STL, PLY, X3D, DAE, ABC, USD/USDA/USDC/USDZ, and BLEND.
  • Import/Export Presets: Allows users to define custom presets for importing and exporting.
  • Import Location: Users can select a directory containing 3D files of the chosen import format, facilitating the conversion of files located within complex directory structures.
  • Export Location: Provides options for saving converted models either adjacent to the original files or within a custom directory, with additional settings for organizing converted models.
  • Name: Enables setting custom prefixes and/or suffixes for exported files, ensuring consistency in naming conventions.
  • Textures: Features advanced texture handling capabilities, including the detection of multiple image texture sets and the non-destructive modification of these textures during the conversion process.
  • Texturing Rules: Implements specific naming conventions for textures to ensure proper import, material creation, and assignment to objects.
  • Resolution and Format: Offers options for resizing textures and converting them into different formats without upscaling, supporting a range of resolutions and file types.
  • UVs: Includes tools for renaming and exporting UV maps, catering to the requirements of different export formats.
  • Transformations: Allows for custom transformations and the application of transformations to every model before export.
  • Animations: Provides the option to delete animations from every imported object before export.
  • Scene: Users can set a custom unit system and length unit for the export process.
  • Optimize: Implements automatic file optimization methods to reduce the exported file size, with customizable settings for the extent of optimization.
  • Archive: Facilitates the archiving of assets, including marking assets, adding metadata, and storing asset Blend files in a library and catalog. It also allows for the extraction of asset previews as PNGs.