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Happy to announce the new plugin for blender To-Do Tasks Manager Pro,

an advanced version of To-Do Task Manager.

Early Access To-Do Tasks Pro BETA – Landing for Blender 2.91 !

WARNING! :If you are using the lite version of To-Do task Manager we recommend using

any one of the version concurrently.

New documentation and stable release will land – hopefully – before the release of Blender 3.0 !

In the beta version, you will have more exciting features like saving the task list, loading the task list,

setting a reminder for the task list and a lot more to come.

Some features have moved from the lite version for the uniqueness of this plugin, and we will include them on request.

one limitation currently is you can only set reminder for one hour.

In addition to that, we have planned other updates in the upcoming weeks.

So if you like to test the plugin, buy it, test it and give feedback, we can make it better.

Where to download the addon?
You can download the addon here:


If you would like to check the lite version, please check it here.

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