Tissue addon for Blender 2.80

Ahhw, this is such an awesome addon thanks to Alessandro Zomparelli. He describes his own addon very humble: “Blender’s add-on for computational design”. Well, it is correct, but the addon can be very powerful not only in experiments with computational design. In layman’s term explained, with this addon you can design first a face and then the target mesh its faces will be replaced by that face. Probably there is more possible with the addon I didn’t understand yet.

what I like to do with this addon is just create a simple plane first and do something with the face. For example; inset and remove the inner face or any kind of variation on that. Then select the face and the target mesh and Tesselate with the Tissue addon. You will want to merge vertices that are very close together. After that I like to add a solidify modifier to it. (Instead of doing this in on the first plane). This is a simple idea to use the addon, but very practical and controllable rather than experimental. But there is much more you can do with the addon, and I leave that to you.

Installation of the Tissue Addon

Installation of the Tissue addon is pretty forward. Just go to the Tissue addon on github, and click the green button on the right to download. Then choose for download. In Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > Install. Browse to the .zip-file and install. So the procedure is as usual.

NEW: MOAS-GEN addon! The MOAS-GEN addon generates modular parts from profiles. You can then assemble the parts to modular assets. Handy if you want to make a series of assets that can be used as building blocks.

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