Thunderstorm enables to create realistic thunderstorm effects with ease. From rendering 2D clouds for swift and sharp visuals to adding rain to materials, this add-on offers a comprehensive suite of tools for crafting stormy scenes.

Key Features:

  • 2D Clouds Rendering: Achieve fast rendering results with detailed and crisp clouds.
  • Rain Addition: Seamlessly integrate rain effects into materials.
  • Preset Selection: Choose from a variety of presets for optimal settings without the hassle.
  • Lightning Customization: Generate individual lightnings as needed and easily update or replace flashes. Adjust animations by moving keyframes.
  • Self-Organizing: The add-on automatically organizes itself, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Advanced Compositing: Comes with the Thunderstorm Compositing Node group, optimized over time, to give lightnings glow. Compatible with Realtime Compositing.
  • Point Lights Integration: Use up to ten point lights to illuminate scenes in sync with lightnings, especially beneficial for Eevee animations.
  • Advantages Over Geometry Nodes: Offers automated fade-out animations, precise manual adjustments, point lights connected to lightnings with brightness-driven drivers, organized collections, and customizable flash appearances.