The Lightmapper is an add-on that provides comprehensive lightmapping and denoising capabilities, designed to enhance global illumination texture baking. Utilizing Cycles for baking, it comes with features like automatic material and UV setup, encoding options, format options, and advanced postprocess filtering. The add-on is object-centric, allowing for individual customization of settings for each object, which simplifies the lightmapping process and offers versatility in baking.

Key features:

  • Automated Lightmap Baking: Automates the entire baking process, including scaling, material setup, UV-layering, and unwrapping.
  • Per-object Settings: Each object can be individually customized with its own settings, including resolution, UV margin, and unwrap mode.
  • Multi-material Support: Allows multiple materials to be added to each object.
  • AI-based Denoising: Features integrated denoising with support for CPU OIDN denoising and GPU Optix denoising.
  • Performance and Speed: Automatically adjusts baking presets for sampling, quality, and tile settings based on the hardware and situation.
  • Postprocess Filtering: Offers additional filtering to enhance the quality of lightmaps through OpenCV.
  • Background Baking: Enables baking in the background, allowing continued work on the scene.
  • Easy Material Management: Simplifies material setup and resetting, and supports baking without material setup for use in external engines.