The Texture Synthesis is software that generates images by giving it examples. And the Texture Synthesis addon provides us an interface to this software. Because in Blender we always focus on rendering, other ways of processing images is welcome.

We can generate variations on existing images with this software. Or we can do inpaint of missing details. Or what about seamless textures? Because the installation of the software is a bit tricky I suggest you to watch the video below.

What’s in the video?

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:13 Single variations
  • 05:33 Tiling Textures
  • 08:27 Reduce Tiling
  • 09:30 Multiple Example Generation
  • 13:24 Style Transfer
  • 15:50 Installation of the addon and Texture Synthesis

How to use the Texture Synhesis addon?

In case you don’t have access to watch the video, below a few notes;

  • After installation you can find the addon in the Image Editor
  • Because the addon needs input images and generates an output, I suggest to make a dedicated folder for the addon. And in the folder you make a folder called IN and the other OUT.
  • In case you use the Simple Generate option, you see it needs an input image and you have to define an output directory and image. For the input image you can define a directory where your pictures are. And the addon will provide you a preview pane in blender so you can browse the images directly in the Image Editor.
  • You can open an input image in the image Editor, but it is no need when you select an input image.
  • Later some more notes will follow on how to use the addon.

Where to download the Texture Synthesis addon?

You can download the Texture Synthesis addon on Github. Mind that the addon is not enough. You also need to install the Texture Synthesis software by Embark Studio’s. The later one is a bit tricky to install. Here is what you have to do, to install the Texture Synthesis software:

  • Scroll down to “Command line binary”, and there is a link called “Download the Binary for your OS”
  • For Windows download what looks like: texture-synthesis-0.6.0-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.tar.gz (For other OS, choose applicable one).
  • Because Windows doesn’t know how to extract .gz files, you also need 7Zip. You can download 7Zip here. And install 7Zip.
  • Then, extract the .gz file and you will see another packed file. Most likely that is a .tar file. So you need to extract again. Once done, you have finally a folder where you can find the texture-synthesis.exe file.
  • As last one, in the addon provided by Jose you provide the directory where the addon can find the texture-synthesis.exe file.

Installing the addon is easy: Download the .zip file. Then go to Edit > Preferences > Addons, and browse to the addon (Texture_sysnthesis_master). Press Install, Save Preferences and Refresh.

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