Texture sharing

Texture Sharing is an add-on that allows for the sharing of textures via Spout or Syphon directly from Blender.

Key features:

  • Texture Sharing: Enables the sharing of textures from Blender to other applications using Spout or Syphon.
  • Customizable Sharing Panel: For texture sharing, a Camera object is needed and the add-on adds a panel to the Camera properties called ‘Share texture’, offering various adjustable properties.
  • Sender Name Customization: The sender (syphon-server) name is set by default to the camera name, but can be customized.
  • Color Management and Vertical Flip: Includes options for using color management and vertically flipping the output texture.
  • Viewport Preview: Allows for a preview of the shared texture inside the Blender viewport.
  • Streaming Resolution Control: Users can control the resolution of the capture/streaming.
  • Workspace and Scene Selection: Offers the ability to choose a workspace with desired render/shading preferences and select a scene and layer setup for rendering.
  • Multiple Camera Support: Users can create multiple Cameras and share textures as desired.