Texture Paint Layers Addon

Mephist0 ported the Texture Paint Layers addon over to Blender 2.8. That means we have now layers like in most painting software. And it offers also the blend-modes like multiply, add, mix, overlay, etc.

I am not painting that much but after an hour I got the hang out of it. So I recorded what I’ve just learned in a short video.

How the addon works

It’s pretty simple how the Texture Paint Layers addon works. First you need to select an object you want to paint on. Then we can go directly into the Texture Paint workspace in Blender. There go to the properties panel > Active Tool and Workspace settings (on top) and scroll down. You will see a section called Layers. And in case you didn’t assign a material yet, you can now assign a material. But if you had already a material then you see the option to create a new layer. You can then give the layer a name and also add a second, third layer etc. Mind the the menu jumps after adding the first layer, so you have to scroll down again. For the next layers you add there is no such issue.

Keep in mind that Layer 0 is the bottom layer, like in other paint programs like PhotoShop, Gimp or Krita. Take a look at the several blend modes available. And did you see in the latest Blender the nice menu on top where we have access to the color of the brush? And also strength etc? I like also to enable the build in addon called Dynamic Brush Menu’s. When you press then the Spacebar you will see all options for the Brush. And with Shift + Spacebar you can select quickly another brush. So that looks all good to me. Oh yes, if you are not so familiar with painting, like me, and wonder where the rubber is: You need to use the brush mode Erase Alpha I think. Let me know if you have better idea’s.

Where to download the Texture Paint Layers Addon?

Look at this post on Blenderartists.org to download the Texture Paint Layers Addon. Because I cannot update the links of all addons on this website, it’s good possible you need to scroll down a bit.

New: With the Material Nodes Addon you can build a material from scratch or improve existing (default) shaders. Procedural Textures have low RAM usage and are fully animatable. Use them when textures are not really need. There are 19 node-groups provided. More to come.

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