With the Techdraw addon we can create a technical plan (for industrial designers) of our model. It comes with a set of features so that we can render out the plan with less steps as possible. So it will multiply the ojbect and arrange it on a sheet so to say. Standard text is added to the sheet which you can easily adjust. Works nice with the measurement tool and freestyle. Below an amazing video of the developer.

How the addon works

In short for those who cannot watch the video, you create or add the object you want to have a technical plan off. Then in the addon you select that ojbect as target. You will see loads of checkboxes on top and that is for defining where the duplicates of your object needs to show up. Pressing add view will duplicate that object according to what you select (checkboxes). Then you can add a camera and a sheet. (Add camera, add Sheet). In settings for render you have to select (one of the) a camera and sheet. To be honest I have to experiment myself, maybe later some more info after some experiments.

How to install the addon?

You can download the Techdraw addon on Github. Mind that if download the .zip file by pressing the green button, you need to unzip the file. Then you look for a zipfile in there called techdraw.zip. That is then the one you can install in Blender by going to Edit > Preferences > Addons > install. Don’t forget to activate the addon (checkbox) and save the preferences if you want and refresh. For more information check the thread on Blenderartists – Techdraw addon.

In case you want to report an issue or have suggestions, feel free to use the comments below. If you like the addon, you can also share it which will most likely encourage the developer to continue.

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