With the Tchat Addon you can chat and share with others right in Blender’s 3D viewport. Although the addon is in Alpha, the addon is very well designed. It looks like the developer thought out all scenario’s that could happen already. For an alpha this quite exceptional.

This article is to support the Tchat Addon because I think it could be a hit, but it’s success depends on the users. To support this addon, I subscribed for premium so that I can share assets. So I shared an asset, an organic model made with fractal, and you can have it for free using the Tchat Addon. More assets will follow so stay tuned. Here is a render of the first model:

Organic Fractal available in the Tchat addon
Organic Fractal available in the Tchat addon

Potential of the Tchat Addon

Each user, (also free version) has the ability to create chat-rooms. This can be used for friends but I imagine it can also be used to promote yourself, or to provide support. Since there is interaction straight in Blender, there is barely any blockage for your friends and fans to engage with you. And I think engagement is a crucial element when you want to build up an identity in your (online) environment or Blender community. But again, it’s success depends mostly on you and me. I suggest to start with the free subscription, check it out, get the assets I am offer in the room New_Media_Supply, and see how that goes. The addon is brand new, so it might take a while before more offering services via Tchat.

Free and paid subscriptions

There are four options, and I list them below:

Free subscription

  • All Tchat features (see limitations in next bullets)
  • Able to create two rooms
  • Have 5 friends
  • No file and asset sharing.

Indie subscription – $3 a month

  • All tchat features (No limits on Rooms, Friends, etc)
  • Direct Files Sharing “Blender to Blender”
  • Direct Assets Sharing “Blender to Blender” : Send Objects, Meshes, Collections, Materials, Brushes, Textures, Particle Systems or any Blender Asset, and your friend or colleague will be able to append it directly in his current scene, without managing any file.
  • Max size per upload: 100Mb, Max size per month: 5GB, Files and Assets life time: 1 month.

Studio subscription – $10 a month

  • Same as the Indie subscription, but:
  • Max size per upload: 500Mb, Max size per month: 25 Gb, Files and Assets life time: 2 months

Corporation subscription – $20 a month

  • Same as the indie and studio subscription, but;
  • Max size per upload: 1GB, Max size per month: 50 GB, Files and Assets life time: 3 months.

The user interface of the Tchat Addon

The user interface is Awesome. Really wel done, including the whole process. Here two screenshots. The first one is after Signing up and loggin in. The process is pretty easy. Best is to keep in mind to use the same e-mail-address to sign up as your e-mail-account for Gumroad.

The UI in the N-Panel once all is setup.
The UI in the N-Panel once all is setup.
New Media Supply chatroom on Tchat
New Media Supply chatroom on Tchat

For more information and screenshots, check the links below.

Where to get the Tchat Addon

You can get the Tchat Addon on Gumroad. And for more information or to contact the developer, check this thread on Blenderartists. I see you in Tchat!

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