TBO Tree Gen

TBO-Tree-Gen is an add-on that creates trees procedurally using a space colonization algorithm.

Key Features:

  • Procedural Tree Generation: Utilizes a space colonization algorithm to create organic-looking trees.
  • User Control: Provides total control over the shape and size of the tree, with clear separation between defining the overall shape and tweaking minor details.
  • Realism: Emulates the natural process of competing for space, resulting in organic trees free of artifacts like intersecting branches.
  • Multiple Trees Creation: Enables the growth of multiple trees into a single interconnected shape without clipping (e.g., a hedge consisting of multiple plants).
  • Quad-Dominant Meshes: Generates quad-dominant meshes that are suitable for further processing or rendering.
  • Efficiency: The heavy processing is done in C++, ensuring high efficiency and making it viable for complex trees even on low-end machines.