Surface Painter

Surface Painter is an add-on that significantly simplifies the process of applying basic colored materials to objects.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Color and Surface Selection: Choose from 27 common surfaces and 75 default colors, or select your custom color. Surfaces include car paints, varnishes, wall plasters, metals, and more.
  • Save Custom Surfaces and Colors: Users can create and save their own surfaces and favorite colors for later use, enhancing personalization and efficiency.
  • Intuitive Application: Simply use CTRL+LMB on objects to apply the selected settings, streamlining the material application process.
  • Versatile Paint Modes: Offers flexibility in painting areas, from a single face to the entire object, based on sharp edges or materials.
  • Easy Material Tweaking: Adjust material settings directly in the panel without entering the shader editor, thanks to node groups containing surface settings.
  • Shader Editor Integration: Surface Painter palettes and favorite colors can also be used in the shader editor for any material, expanding creative possibilities.
  • User-Friendly: Designed to be extremely easy to use, making the creation of basic and colored materials quick and effortless.