SuperPoke is an iterative poking tool, designed to enhance the mesh editing process.

Key Features:

  • Keep Original: Ensures the preservation of a copy of the original mesh.
  • Apply Modifiers: Allows the application of the current modifier stack before processing.
  • Iterations: Determines the number of times all faces of the mesh are poked, providing control over the depth of the poking process.
  • Poke Offset: Adjusts how far the poke extends out or in.
  • Offset Multiplier: Multiplies the poke offset by a specified amount every iteration, with an option to keep the amount consistent across all iterations.
  • Alternate Offset: Enables the alternation between poking inward and outward on each iteration.
  • Create Shape Keys: Offers the option to create a shape key for each iteration, allowing for the animation of the poking process, albeit at a slower processing speed.