Super IO

Super IO (SPIO) is an add-on designed to simplify the process of importing and exporting by enabling users to copy and paste models and images directly into Blender. This functionality addresses the limitation of not being able to drag and drop models into Blender, offering a streamlined solution that enhances the efficiency of working with Blender files, models, and pictures.

Key Features:

  • Copy and Paste Import/Export: Allows for the easy import and export of models and images by copying from the File Explorer and pasting directly into Blender with a single click or shortcut.
  • Third-Party Script Compatibility: Enables copying and pasting between Blender, Cinema 4D, and Houdini, facilitating a smoother workflow across different software platforms.
  • Multi-Format Import: Supports the import of multiple formats, especially beneficial for importing textures.
  • Import Options: Offers various import presets, including the ability to import PBR images and set BSDF materials, batch import folders containing PBR images, and import images as planes, reference objects, texture lights, worlds, parallax maps materials, and nodes.
  • Export Features: Enables exporting shader nodes as images, exporting rendered images to the clipboard, and exporting models in formats supported by Blender, including batch exports and exports to Blender file format.
  • Advanced Configuration: Allows for custom import and export configurations, with custom rules for identifying imports and exports based on file type, operator type, and more.
  • Asset Management: Includes features for marking group nodes as assets, batch rendering previews, replacing asset thumbnails, tagging authors, cleaning assets, and adding asset tags.