Super Image Denoising is an add-on that focuses on enhancing the denoising process of images. It operates based on compositor nodes and is suitable for render farms. The add-on provides a range of denoising options and settings tailored for both animations and still images.

Key features:

  • Denoising Capabilities: Introduces a denoiser that can be added to the scene with a single click.
  • Temporal Denoising Options: Offers two Temporal Denoisers to address “flickering” in animations.
  • Denoising Quality Selection: Users can choose between three denoising qualities: Standard, High, and Super.
  • Selective Denoising: Allows denoising of specific passes, including emission, transmission, environment, and volumetric.
  • Multi-Layer EXR Support: Enables the creation of Multi-Layer EXR files for individual layer editing in external software.
  • Temporal Denoising with Motion Blur: SID’s Temporal denoising supports motion blur.
  • OptiX Temporal Denoising: Incorporates Nvidia’s OptiX technology for temporal denoising.
  • Integration Process: Users can select the denoiser type and quality, then apply it using the “Add Super Denoiser” button.
  • Post-Render Application: The denoising process takes place after rendering, and the built-in denoiser is automatically disabled.
  • Comparison with Other Denoisers: Provides a side-by-side comparison of results from SID, Nvidia’s OptiX, and Intel’s Open Image Denoiser.
  • Advanced Settings: Offers settings like Overscan, Multilayer EXR, Preview Render, and TED-Filters for detailed customization.