Super Image Denoiser Addon

The Super Image Denoiser Addon for Blender is an addon that will add a node-group in the compositor to denoise the render. The addon provides two types of denoisers: SID and Temporal. (Article rewritten by New Media Supply due to SEO and readability purposes)

Where SID is suitable for images, the Temporal type is for animations. The SID type knows three quality presets: Standard, High, and Super. Next to the quality presets, you can toggle four render passes: Emission, Transmission, Environment, and Volumetrics. So if you don’t have volumetric, you can toggle that off.

The last two options for SID are “refresh SID” and “Use Multi Layer EXR.” The best is to leave “Refresh SID” on, and that means that you refresh the node setup instead of adding a new node group after the current one.

Difference between Blender’s internal Denoisers and the Super Image Denoiser (SID)

You might wonder what the difference is between this denoiser and the denoisers that comes with Blender. The first denoise that comes with Blender is the NLM denoiser. This is an old Blender denoiser which is fast, but looks quite bad with all those splotches.

The next option of Blenders build in denoisers is Optix which is an  AI-accelerated denoiser based on a paper published by NVIDIA research. A quick try shows me (Robert, New Media Supply) that Optix is faster but shows blurry edges at some places. SID works on CPU, and my CPU is not the fastest so that could be a reason.

The last option is OpenImageDenoise which is fast and gives good results on my pc. I barely see a difference between SID and OpenImageDenoise. Of course, this will work differently on each pc; as I said, my pc has a simple CPU.

The more denoisers the better, so we can make the best choice for our configuration, so why not getting the free Super Image Denoiser addon here:

Denoiser Comparison
Super Image Denoiser Addon for Blender 2.83 and above.

Video instructions

In the video below you will see how to use the Super Image Denoise addon. Here is the content:

How to support the development of the Super Image Denoiser Addon

For a developer it always good to hear feedback. It’s like when there is no feedback the developer is steering in the dark. The best place to hang around is Discord. And if you rate the addon on Gumroad, it will help to how other users how useful the addon is.

Screenshots of the Addon

Quality settings of the Super Image Denoiser Addon
Quality settings, render passes and advanced settings.
Temporal settings of the Super Image Denoiser Addon
Settings for temporal denoise (for animations)
Standard quality settings of the Super Image Denoiser Addon
Settings when Standard Quality is choosen.

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