Subs Import is an add-on that enables the creation and editing of subtitles for movies or music. It provides a range of functionalities including keyboard shortcuts and automatic syllable separation tools to enhance the speed and efficiency of subtitle creation and editing.

Key Features:

  • Subtitle Edit Channel: Determines the sequencer channel where the add-on will have effect. It influences keyboard shortcuts, duration changing, exporting, syllabifying, splitting, and combining subtitles.
  • Subtitle Font Size: Allows setting the font size that will be applied to imported strips. This value is adjustable and changes are applied only to the Subtitle Edit Channel.
  • Importing: Supports the import of .txt, .lrc, and .srt files, each offering different levels of timing information and compatibility with other software.
  • Dur x 2 and Dur / 2: Enables the doubling or halving of the duration of the strips in the “Subtitle Edit Channel,” facilitating subtitle editing with a song playing at different speeds.
  • Exporting: Allows the export of subtitles from the “Subtitle Edit Channel” as either .lrc or .srt files.
  • Syllabify: Provides the ability to separate words by syllables after subtitles have been imported, utilizing a dictionary of words and an algorithm for splitting words.
  • Split: After defining how words should be separated, this feature allows the splitting of them into individually colored text strips that will highlight sequentially as audio plays.
  • Combine: After synchronizing the syllables to the music, this feature enables the recombination of the strips into enhanced strips prior to exporting the subtitles.