Storytools is an add-on designed to facilitate storyboarding within Blender.

Key features:

  • Storyboard Tab in Viewport Sidebar: The add-on adds a Storytools tab in the viewport sidebar, providing easy access to its features.
  • New Drawing Creation: Offers options to add a new grease pencil object in front of the camera, with choices for cursor position, parenting to the camera, and distance tweaking.
  • Default Palette for Storyboard: Automatically loads a default palette specifically designed for storyboarding when creating a new object.
  • Drawing Mode Adjustment: The draw mode is auto-reset to Origin – Front Axis for new drawing objects.
  • Drawing Objects Stack: Ensures the same mode is kept across objects when selecting in the stack.
  • Material Selection Feature: Materials “stick” to the current active layer, allowing for easy switching back to these materials when the layer is selected again.
  • Bottom Toolbar with Action Gizmos: Includes gizmo buttons for object and camera placement, with all transform actions respecting autokey.
  • Object Actions: Provides functionalities like panning the object, moving it forward/backward, scaling, aligning to the camera, and keying object transform.
  • Camera Actions: Includes actions for panning the camera, moving it forward/backward, toggling lock camera to view, and keying camera position.