The Starship Generator is designed for concept artists and game developers wanting to create background 3D models for use in art, animation, games, or as a source of inspiration. The add-on facilitates the creation of random long spaceships similar to the Sulaco from Aliens or the Rocinante from The Expanse, which can then be exported to applications like Unreal Engine.

Key features:

  • Add Starship Model: Easily insert a Starship model into the scene via Blender’s Add -> Mesh Menu.
  • Design Customization: Alter the spaceship’s design by changing a single seed number.
  • Geometry Nodes: Utilize Blender’s Geometry Nodes for customization, eliminating the need for custom code.
  • Panel Options: Choose between adding panels to the 3D model or using an included Cycles displacement material.
  • Material and Density: Modify the material and adjust the object density as needed.
  • Modifier Collapse: Collapse all the modifiers to obtain a regular 3D model.
  • Design Theory: Created with design theory in mind to produce visually appealing shapes.
  • Example Files: Access example .blend file setups, including a full blueprint render setup.