Star Connect is an add-on designed to simplify the mesh triangulation process. It introduces a unique mode that gives users complete control over how their mesh is triangulated.

Key Features:

  • Star Connect Basic: Allows for connecting vertices all at once, streamlining the process compared to joining each vertex individually.
  • Star Connect Mode: Introduces a new mode with smart bevel detection and intuitive tools, enhancing the quality of triangulation. This mode includes Blender-like selection, undo, and redo systems for a familiar user experience.
  • Efficient Bevel Bridging: Enables users to bridge bevels quickly and efficiently.
  • Edit Bevels Simultaneously: Offers the capability to edit all bevels of a face at the same time, including automatic connections.
  • Splitting Large Bevels: Allows for the splitting of large bevels to prevent steep angles.
  • Cylinder Handling: Simplifies the process of working with cylindrical shape.