Stairs Maker is a Blender add-on that enables the creation of customizable stairs and railings through the use of geometry nodes.

Key Features:

  • Easy Integration and Use: Upon enabling the add-on, the BB Assets Panel appears in the side panel of the 3D Viewport. From this panel, users can easily convert selected objects into stairs or railings with a single click.
  • Geometry Nodes Modifier: Applies a Geometry nodes modifier to the selected object to generate stairs and railings. Users do not need prior experience with Geometry nodes as all necessary adjustments and settings are accessible from the side panel.
  • Customizable Stair and Railing Components: The stairs consist of three editable elements—Construction, Treads, and Risers—while the railings comprise four elements—Posts, Handrail, Vertical and Horizontal bars. Each component is adjustable in size, form, and material.
  • UV Mapped Materials: All components are UV mapped, allowing for detailed texturing and material application. The UV mapping is controlled by a vector attribute, which is converted into a real UV map that can be edited in the UV editor.
  • Curve Deformation: Stairs objects can be deformed along a curve, providing flexibility in design and placement within the scene.
  • Export Compatibility: The UV map created is usable when exporting the geometry into other 3D software, making Stairs Maker useful for projects that span multiple applications.