Spritesheet Renderer is a Blender add-on that automates the transformation of 3D models into 2D image arrays or spritesheets. These spritesheets are primarily designed for use in game engines, but their application can extend beyond gaming.

Key Features:

  • Animation Selection: Choose which animations to render into the spritesheet, tailoring the output to specific needs.
  • Material Iteration: Iterate through different materials while rendering, allowing for the easy export of 2D maps for normals, ambient occlusion, roughness, or other material properties.
  • Automatic Object Rotation: Automatically rotates scene objects, enabling captures from multiple perspectives with minimal user input.
  • Camera Adjustment: Adjusts the camera automatically to frame the scene as closely as possible, with multiple adjustment modes tailored to the situation.
  • Spritesheet Configuration: Configure the size of individual sprites and how spritesheet files should be divided, such as by animation, and decide whether the output files should be padded to a power-of-two size.
  • JSON Output: Outputs a JSON file that describes the spritesheet, including frame dimensions and animation data, facilitating automatic importing into other programs.
  • Preview Configuration: Contains buttons to preview parts of your configuration in the 3D viewport, making it easy to visualize the expected rendering result.
  • Persistent Settings: Saves settings within the .blend file, simplifying the re-render process if changes are made.
  • Progress Tracking: Provides terminal and GUI output to track rendering progress and estimate time remaining.

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