The Softwrap Addon allows us to wrap a simple mesh around a more complicated (sculpted) mesh. This way we can retopologize our sculpted mesh. As far as I know this is quite a unique way. Below one of the use-cases. If you have more ideas, let me know.

I would start with a simple mesh with a low to medium amount of poly’s and copy it. Then sculpt the copied one with dynotopo on. Next, select the sculpt as target and the simple mesh as source. To start the simulation you press Start under initialization. And with the other parameters and the mouse you guide the low poly mesh a bit. Below a more detailed workflow.

Workflow using the Softwrap addon the first time.

  • Add a low poly mesh with nice topology. Copy the low poly mesh with Shift+D and move it with G, X to the right or left.
Starting with the Softwrap Addon. Add a low poly mesh and copy it.
Add a low poly mesh and copy it. Sculpt the copied mesh.
  • In the N-Panel you will find the SoftWrap addon where you select the source and the target. The target is the sculpted mesh and the source is the mesh with lower poly count.
  • Press Start under initialization to start the simulation.
SoftWrap Addon - Select source and target.
SoftWrap Addon – Select source and target.
  • After pressing Start, the low poly mesh is going to wrap around the sculpted mesh.
Wrapped mesh - Softwrap addon
Wrapped mesh
  • As you see, the low poly mesh is not well aligned with the sculpted mesh. In order to interact manually a bit, press Shift + Spacebar, or press the button in the panel under Interaction. You now can grab the low poly mesh and guide it (rotate it) in the right direction. You can also play with al the other parameters under dynamics and retopo.
Softwrap Addon - Enable Interaction
Enable Interaction
SoftWrap addon - After interaction.
After interaction.
  • After tweaking and guiding, Press Stop and move the meshes apart from eachother.
End result - SoftWrap addon
End result – SoftWrap addon

Where to download the SoftWrap addon?

Because I posted quite some addons now, I am not able to check daily all the links. So bare with me, and if the link is not correct, let me know. Try this link on Github to download the SoftWrap addon. And for more info you can also visit the thread on Blenderartists.

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