Snippets Library

Snippets Library serves as a personal library for code snippets within the text editor. It is compatible with devTools and comes with a pack of free-to-use code snippets.

Key Features:

  • Insert Paste: Inserts the selected snippet at the cursor location in the current text.
  • Insert New: Places the snippet in a new text, named after the snippet.
  • Reload: Loads or reloads the list of snippets from the library, supporting only ‘.txt’ or ‘.py’ files. A shift + click on Reload clears the list off the blend file.
  • Add: Creates a new snippet in the library from the current text selection, saving it as a standalone ‘.py’ file in the library folder.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected snippet file from the disk after confirmation.
  • Open Library Folder: Opens the library folder in the operating system browser, with a shift+click opening the current selected snippet folder.
  • Search Field: Provides options for searching between content and title, subtractive search, showing prefix, and reverse order.
  • Preview: Displays a preview of the selected snippet, along with a list of definitions and classes.
  • Use Custom Path: Allows the change of the source folder of the snippets library.
  • Secondary Path: Manages other folder paths to scan as part of the library and adds Blender build-in snippets in the library.
  • Max Preview Lines: Allows the adjustment of the maximum line number for preview.
  • Conversion: Converts the library to the format of external editors such as Sublime Text, VScode, or Atom, using the name of the snippet’s containing folder as the trigger word.