I have quite a backlog writing articles on this website but I made time for the Smudgr Pro Addon. This because this addon is really awesome to me. With the Smudgr Pro you can apply smudges, scratches, dust, and droplets. And these are all highly adjustable. All you need is a material that is using a Principled BSDF (or Glass BSDF) at the end, right before the material output. But there are more good things like droplets, anti-tile, mix with color, change fall-of etc, bake wear, etc.

The Pro’s

  • It has an awesome UI in the properties panel. One of the best i’ve seen and it’s really intuitive.
  • It comes with enough textures for smudges, scratches, dust all handy in the same UI. Really impressed here.
  • It’s an addon you will use very frequently. And for me that is important. I bought tons of addons and I barely use them. But this is one of the addons I would use nearly every time.
  • It contributes to realism, makes your materials look less sterile.
  • You can choose if you want 1K, 2K or 4K resolution per map.
  • You can apply it to your own material. The addon will add extra nodes.

The Con’s

It works only when you have a Principled Shader (or Glass BSDF) at the end, connected to the Material Output. This is understandable and ok, because you can easily fix that manually if need. And nowadays most materials use the Principled Shader.


Here I am using the Smudgr Pro on one of my materials (Rubber grip preset) from the EEVEE Production Suite, and this is a perfect combination to get awesome materials:

Rubber Grips preset from the EEVEE Productin Suite

Smudgr Pro and the EEVEE Production Suite: a perfect combination

The UI of the Smudgr Pro Addon

As I said, the UI is really intuitive. The only thing I didn’t understand when I used it the first time is the button “Make this slot active”. When you have only one material in the scene that is using the Smudgr Pro Addon, you don’t need it. You only need it to tell Smudgr what material it is you are working on, and you do that by selecting the object and material and press the Make this slot active button. Ok, so Smudger knows then were to work. Below a part of the UI, and you see it’s quite straight forward while it has enough options. So per “layer” you can adjust all these options:

UI of the addon
UI of the addon

Tip: in my case I want often to scale down the textures.

Where to get the Smudgr Pro addon

You can get the Smudgr Pro on Blender Market. You might also take a look at the EEVEE Production Suite since these products are a good pair.

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